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One guy - Dustin Cordanza -

walked more than 200 miles

around the same 1.4 mile loop

in Clement Park for three months...

That guy - The Righteous Hyper -

picked up 504 pounds of trash

from that park alone between

April 20 - July 30, 2020.

As of 10/20/2020, he has  collected 1,641 lbs., and

has walked over 500 miles doing it.


He's getting outside,

staying in shape,

making new friends,

and helping the environment.

Between 10/6-10, HYPE Time volunteers collected 406 lbs. of trash from five parks in five days--one in each ward of the Foothills Parks & Recreation District! 

This makes him feel good,

so he's going to keep doing it.

Together we have picked up

2,444 lbs. of trash since Earth Day!


We surpassed our goal of a ton of trash on October 7 during our Five Parks in Five Days campaign with FHPRD.

Want to help Dustin out?

Join the HYPE!

Read our

October, 2020 Article

in the Woodmar Square Cares newsletter.

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